Acura Integra CMC-DC


Acura Integra CMC-DC CMC-DC
Omni-Power relies on over 10 years of racing experience to develop its unique product line. Our Quicklutch master cylinder (QMC) was developed as a means to lower lap times on the drag strip, road course and auto-cross track. This unique performance part is a byproduct of our companies experience in design and innovation. The outer body is constructed of cast aluminum using modern OEM casting methods, then precisely CNC carved. OEM rubber seals used on brake master cylinders are fitted to a specially designed piston and one way valve. This results in a range of motion about 45% less than the stock pedal travel. Comparing our QMC to a stock clutch master cylinder, we use a 21mm piston which moves the same volume of fluid as the stock 15.8mm piston in a much shorter motion. This shorter motion results in faster shifting times as a direct result of having less clutch pedal travel to complete the gear change cycle. One would have to agree that in a typical road course if you make 15 up shifts each lap and each one reduces time by a very conservative measurable amount like .025 (1/4 of a tenth of a second) seconds, they will add up to a much larger gain over a period of time....15X.025= .375 seconds per lap. Add that to a 20 lap race and you get 7.5 seconds. How many of you have lost a road race by 5 seconds or less?...probably quite a few. Another issue that our QMC resolves is the installation of a short shifter. After you install a short shifter the synchronization and timing ratio from your hands to your feet will be off. You can't make one shorter with out the other and fully realize all of the benefits. In many cases you will not see any gains by simply installing a short shifter alone. Some vehicles are grossly mis-proportioned in stock form which results in high mis-shift rates and awkward shifting methods. Once you try the Omni-Power QMC you will never want to drive without it. Some of the many benefits: Track proven to reduce road circuit and 1/4 mile times. Restores harmonious synchronization to clutch pedal and short shifter Increases stock clutch performance and works with all aftermarket clutches Greatly reduces mis-shifting Hassle free 2 year warranty OEM replacement for worn out stock clutch master cylinders Improves clutch pedal feel Allows sequential like shifting More relaxed and natural shifting technique Crisper more defined clutch engagement Fits 1994-2000 Acura Integra / 1992-1995 Civic EG / 1996-2000 Civic EK
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