Omni-Power USA, Inc. began in 2005 from the hearts and minds of Steve “Omniman” Rothenbuehler & Bob Nichols.

Right out of the gate, we quickly realized that the odds were stacked high with so much competition in this industry. Actually this took some of the pressure off of us, and allowed us to keep our focus on consumer needs. We decided to center on unique and innovative products and went from there with a clear plan.

As long-time enthusiasts ourselves, we used real world testing, as well as our own vehicles and experiences to create our products, with continual input from customer feedback, drag & road racing, and new technology.

The one thing that we, and our customers, believe has set us apart from some of our competitors is our unparalleled customer service. As enthusiasts ourselves we know how it feels to be on the losing end of a product, and vowed from the beginning that we would never do that to any of our customers!

We have accomplished quite a bit in the 6+ years we have been in business. Starting from being the ‘new guy on the block’, to now sponsoring class winning race teams, record holding drag racers, the world’s fastest & first 7 second Honda (using Omni-Power Full Coilovers), and many other import drag racers in various fields.

With our continued focus on consumer needs, we have been able to listen to our customers, and our critics, to produce performance products that not only greatly improve the driving experience, but ones that still fit nicely in to your budget!

We would like to thank all of you who have supported us over the last 6+ years as we realize it is our dealers and valued customers who have enabled us to get this far… Thank you!